Welcome to SOLA's Elder Scrolls Online Chapter and the newest DLC: The Thieves Guild. Currently we only have a presence in the PC version, not console. 

Our Goal is to be known as friendly and helpful members of all the games we play, including ESO. We will strive to provide clean chat channels, forums and VoIP for our members and their families. We're a fun-loving group in ESO who love to run in-game activities together or just chat.

While SOLA was founded by Christians, it is NOT Required for Membership. All we expect of our membership is to be respectful to others and uphold the integrity of the guild. We have gamers of every type, young and old, hardcore and casual, PvEers, and PvPers. We will work to be active in all areas of ESO and we will strive to accomplish everything ESO has to offer.

The only requirement to join is to fill out an application at http://solaguild.com/esoapp and to read and agree to our Code of Conduct .

We look forward to playing with you!