As many of you know, the FC was looking to move our current FC house to the new housing district in Shirogane. Due to server instability and lack of housing plots, we were not able to secure a lot for our move. I know we as officers haven’t said much about it, but that is the reason.

With that being said, we are not going to give up on moving to Shirogane. There have already been a lot of talk about adding more housing wards. On top of that I have been keeping my eye out to see if anything frees up. It will be a long while before the auto-demolition makes it to Shirogane just due to it being new and also the housing freeze due to the storms of 2017.

In the meantime we are working on constructing the new glamor for the outside of the house. It’s going to take some time and as always we are looking for help to complete it. The materials that we need are mostly level 61+, so if you’re looking to help out you would have to have access to the 4.0 gathering and crafting logs.

If you have any questions as always just ask on of us officers!