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Stone Vigil - General Strategy for bosses, and specific tank tips.

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Hi All!

It's time for a dungeon guide on Stone Vigil. I will try to make this flow the best I can.

There are some unique situations in this dungeon you need to be aware of outside of the boss fights. First of all the dungeon has some VERY nasty roamers with nasty AOE damage, they are called an Aevis. They look a little like Wyverns kind of, and are in several spots of the map. Pull these mobs by themselves when you can. Sometimes you cannot, and there is a fight with two Aevis you can't avoid, and even one with three I believe. Always kill an Aevis first if mixed in with other mobs.

Second unique thing about this dungeon, there are parts of it where a Drake comes down from celing and shoots out flame on your party just for walking through that part of the map. For these areas, if you are the tank, pull the mobs away from these areas so your group can get past the area where the drake shoots fire every 10 seconds or so. (You cannot hurt it, and it comes and leaves very fast).

Third unique feature is "traps". Basically these don't happen till after first boss, and they tend to occur mostly when you turn a corner, and see long hallway, with nothing between you and an Aevis, with a medium walk. Seem too easy? Trust me, it is, its a trap. You cannot avoid the trap, there is nothing visible to warn you of the presence of it except it looks particularly "snowy". The trap triggers three ice spirits, use your AOE enmity skill and pull them back immediately to avoid pulling the aevis with them. There are a total of 3 traps.

Another note, the two rooms on the left in the hallways with the traps near them, not worth fighting them unless you want exp in my opinion. Never saw good loot from them. Especially the last room, that one I would avoid even if you want exp. A tough fight full of Aevis for nothing of great value.

With the unique features out of the way lets go over general strategies for trash mobs when they go against the norm.

Tank: A lot of mobs in the dungeon have AOEs, usually when theres one of monster A, and two of monster B, monster A has the aoe. But regardless, to make sure it doesn't matter, just face all mobs you see away from your group until you learn which ones are the AOE mobs.

DPS and Healer: Be mindful of the locations that trigger the drake that comes down and blasts you, try to stay out of that area once you go through it. (You can't avoid it entirely, not possible.) Stay a little distance from the tank, definitely not a dungeon where you want to follow too close to him/her. Be prepared for accidental pulls and unmarked targets if tank gets caught off guard by a trap or Aevis. Not much you can do, except be mentally prepared for it. Specifically if tank says it's his first time.

First Boss: There are NO additional mobs.

The first boss is not too hard, and most groups seem to be able to handle it if people get on same page before fight starts. The tank should keep mob pulled towards the middle to give everyone more reaction time, and to make it more noticeable when he runs to the wall.

Tanks:PLEASE face him away from the group immediately when pulling to allow dps to have optimal damage right away and stop AOE from hitting group. Keep the mob in center of room, after a wall attack, bring him back to center of room.

Everyone:When the boss runs to the wall to do an attack, RUN behind him, sprint if you have to, or you will get one shot. The moment that attack goes off, there will be a second attack in random direction, dps and healers, keep staying behind the mob, and be ready to move to avoid second attack depending on which way he turns. (He will not move to do the second attack other than turn) I have not seen him shoot behind himself.

After the second attack have tank move mob back towards the middle.

Tanks: During or just after second attack is a good time to pop one or both damage mitigations to buy your healer some precious time.

Rinse and repeat.

Alternative strategy for tanks: You don't have to pull the mob into the middle all the time, some recommend fighting him against the walls, I disagree with it cause I've seen it get ppl killed who have a slower reaction time. Never had a death since I started pulling him to middle each round.

Second Boss:There are NO additional mobs.

This one can be tough depending on the group.

Tank: Get that boss to the entrance immediately, have him face the entrance as well, no need to turn him at all. (Use your long range pull ability and run back to entrance) This prevents the mob from shooting tornadoes at the tank and other benefits.

DPS and Healer: Stay out of the path between dragon and tank, do not do anything as long as possible till the dragon reaches the tank at entrance. (Use the side walls to move around and behind the dragon.)

Exception: If the tank pulls the mob slowly towards the entrance, instead of the way I advised the tank to do, just attack or start healing as you see fit. But still don't get caught in the crossfire.

DPS: Be ready to interact with the cannons, a big dragon will come up and attack from the rear in range of the cannons, use those to blast it away.

Everyone: Avoid tornadoes, during the fight the boss dragon will turn in random directions and fire off tornadoes. Avoid them at all costs.

Third/Final Boss: There are NO additional mobs.

Tell everyone right now, that on third time the dragon jumps into the air, you want everyone to stack up on each other, and face the entrance. When the red circle comes up, everyone move toward the entrance just enough to get out of red circle, another red circle comes up, do the same thing. Why? You will find out below at third round instrucitons.

This guy is LOL. Challenging too somewhat, but I am gonna try to make it easiar.

Two ideals on how to tank it.

1. Pull him to center, so when he flies up in the air, you can have an easiar time dodging his freezing attacks.
2. Pull him to wall. Will need make dodging ice attacks a little more complicated.

I prefer #2. I pull him to the wall, and let the group stay at center, and I tell them to stay at center. Why? Please see below:

At some point the boss flies up in the air for the first time...being in the center makes it easy for your group to dodge the blinking blue on the ground, run away from the glowing blue part of the ground. (He does not use red for any AOEs yet).

Tank: You should run towards center the moment he leaves the ground so you have an easiar time dodging. At this point going forward immediately move to a wall as the dragon is going to crash into you and resume as before. If you against a wall you won't be pushed back enough to notice a difference.

Note: Don't go so close to wall the boss disappears from screen.

On second time he flies into air, rinse and repeat.

On third is where it gets hard. Remember the instructions you told the group? Time to implement! He will drop big ice balls and in their wake turn the huge red areas into spaces you can't occupy without taking massive damage. Wherever those red AOE balls landed, its no longer safe to walk through, and swirling snowy area will be there visibly to remind you of that.

When the red areas vanish, he will do two more attacks where large part of the map blinks blue, sprint if you have to, and avoid it. He will then crash into tank and resume fighting.

Everytime he goes into the air again from now on, you must rinse and repeat third round strategy.

Note: You don't HAVE to stack up on each other, and go in same direction, but if you don't, you make it a lot harder on yourself. Also don't try and change the strategy to tell people "face north" or "face left" instead of having them go towards entrance on third round, it just doesn't work. Trust me.

I hope this guide helps you, this is the strategy I used when I took 3 people new to dungeon, and were not in our free company, and we did this dungeon with zero deaths on anyone.

I hope I made it legible, I will make edits over time to polish it up. Please feel free to ask for clarification on anything so I can clean up that area of the guide with higher priority.

Hope it helps!

P.S. I have completed this dungeon approx 15-20 times.
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Posted Oct 14, 13 · OP · Last edited Oct 14, 13 by Arutha
thanks Hunter!
Blessed be the LORD, my rock, who trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle.
Posted Oct 14, 13
Thanks for the post on this Hunter. Also, thanks for leaving it open that your way is not the only right way. I really appreciate your humility sir.
Posted Oct 14, 13
LOL your welcome. Trust me my way is definitely not the only way, and I encourage other tanks who have a certain method they feel that works to post in this thread, in fact I have no objection to putting any alternate strategies into the main post as long as someone assures me they have actually used the strategy, and just didn't hear about it. Or if you saw it in action, that counts in my book too.

So if you not a tank, but saw a tank do some major awesome strategy and it worked well, please feel free to post that here too. There are great tanks outside our guild we can learn from I am sure. :)
Death before dishonor
Posted Oct 14, 13 · OP