Happy New Year from the Behemoth server! We wanted to take this moment to let you know about the many happenings going on in SOLA’s Final Fantasy 14’s chapter for you to be involved in. For those of you who like to raid and experience the toughest content in the game, (we call Savage difficulty) we currently have two static raid groups. One team which has currently cleared through all of the Savage content the game has to offer. They are lead by the one and only Howse Khat, though they are not looking for members at this time. However, the other team, lead by Rubie Kasei’s is an equally Savage driven group who do have openings that you can investigate on our website. Howse’s group raids two nights a week, Rubie’s group raids one night a week.  

If raiding is not your style, then don’t worry! There is still plenty to do both in and out of the Free Company. We have a Free Company House where you can have your own room and you can decorate it however you want! We also have what is called a Free Company Chest where there are plenty of goodies hiding in there for you to take for free! We also have Free Company parties, the next event being our Christmas/New Years party on Saturday, January 6th at 6pm EST!

Outside of the Free Company there is still plenty to do! There are regular in game events to keep an eye out for that reward in-game goodies. Also, there are 15 jobs that you can level: three tanking classes, three healing classes and nine different DPS jobs to choose from! Not to mention, there are also crafting and gathering jobs to investigate, all of which you can level on one character! Let’s not forget the Gold Saucer, where there are loads of side games and prizes to spend hours and hours to obtain (I speak from experience). And let’s not forget the best part of all: the story! Final Fantasy offers a very in depth and dramatic story that will keep you coming back for more. With major content patches every three months, there is plenty to look forward to!

If there is something that strikes your fancy that is not listed above, don’t worry! You can still log into the Behemoth server and start your own group with your new friends. Don’t wait, warrior of light! Your next great adventure awaits!