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Learning higher processing knowledge

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There are multiple tiers of processing. Your basic skill allows you to heat, chop, thin, dry, shake, and grind raw mats into refined materials. If you want to take those refined materials and refine them further, you either need a corresponding workshop, or the knowledge to do it yourself. There are three tiers of knowledge for each of the 6 processing types (beginner/skilled/professional). Here is how you discover them.

Processing: Beginner

The chain of quests stretches back a ways but essentially when you come to Serendia you will be directed to Alejandro Farm. Do all of the quests there and you should eventually get to In Search of Higher Processing Knowledge... which will take you to Ficy in Heidel.

At this point you will need to have Gathering Apprentice 3 to proceed.

You will get Learning Higher Processing Skills which will send you yo three other NPCs to learn your first Beginner tier skills.

Grinding: Beginner - Ornella
Materials for Equipment Repair

Chopping: Beginner - Lebyos
Working the Ash Tree

Heating: Beginner - Flaviano
Pure Water for an Experiment

The other skills are also available around Heidel at this time:

Drying: Beginner - Techthon
Need Soft Hides!

Shaking: Beginner - Lara
Toys (?) for Kids

Thinning: Beginner - Dora Fonti
Thinning Feathers

Now you can process your melted shards into ingots, your planks into plywood, your soft hides into fine soft hides, and so on.
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Processing: Skilled

The next chain of quests is available in Keplan. You will need to have Gathering Skilled 9 and Processing Professional 4 to receive the quest.

Heating: Skilled

The first quest is Excellent Magnate which directs you to Vatudun in the Keplan Mines.

You will need to do a chain of quests to get this knowledge. All told you will need 10 coal and 30 iron ore to complete all of them.

A Man Better than Coal (?)
Materials for Skills - this is where you learn Heating: Skilled
Pure Iron Crystal - prerequisite for the next skill quest

You can now heat ingots and metal solvent to make Pure metal Crystals.

Chopping: Skilled

Vatudun will then give you a quest to see Murghed for the next skill. The quest is Looking for a Woodcutting Expert... and will take you to Trent. Bring 11 Cedar Plywood, 1 Fir Plywood, and 1 Pine Plywood along with you. Murghed is not one of the major NPCs so he may be harder to see, set a waypoint to find him.

You will have two quests to complete:

Amazing Tree Art
Processing Wood with Fire

Ironically, you need to heat the hardener and plywood to get the sturdy plywood, but this will give you Chopping: Skilled, allowing you to make sturdy plywood.

Shaking: Skilled

I am putting this here because you actually need this skill to get Drying: Skilled. You obtain it once you reach Processing Artisan 1

Drying: Skilled

Murghed will send you along to Likke Behr in, well...Behr via a quest which I cannot find in the database.

He will give you two quests. The first can be done with a skinning knife while killing nearby deer.

Pride of Behr

The second seems to require at least Processing Artisan 1 to complete.

The Best Hide

There is no indication that you get a bread crumb to the next person, but I will update if there is.

Grinding: Skilled

Seek out Geranoa in Calpheon. He will give you a series of quests to earn yourself the skill in grinding. Some require gathering gems which can only be mined from mining nodes with Gathering Skilled 5 or higher. I cannot confirm but some of these you may only need to bring the final item not gather/process it yourself.

Crystal Clear Green Jewelry
Geranoa's Proposal - BDO Database claims you need Shaking: Skilled but based on the quest text you shouldn't, unless that is a prerequisite for the quest being available.
Gemstone Value
The Best Jewel

Now you have Grinding: Skilled. One more to go...

Thinning: Skilled

Geranoa should send you along to Matheo Oberon at Oberen Farm to the south of Calpheon with Troubled Oberen Farm. Another series of quests will await you:

Gotta Pluck Them All
Usable Feathers
Need More Feathers
Hunting to Extinction

At this point you will learn Thinning: Skilled, thus rounding out your skilled processing knowledge. Now go use it to make those thrice refined items for profit and glory!
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Reserved for professional info. Still researching. Not a whole lot of information on what this even grants or if it is in game.
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Going to refine this a bit as I proceed through the Skilled knowledge. Ideally you will need Gathining Apprentice 3 to get Beginner knowledge. You need Gathering Skilled 9 and Processing Professional 4 to start the Skilled, but Processing Artisan 1 is needed to get all of them completed (because it grants Shaking: Skilled as part of the achievement)

As far as I can tell most of the quests only require the finished product, but read the quest text carefully to determine that for yourself. I have tried to include shopping lists along with each section.
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