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SOLA Videogame Olympics 2017

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High Council

Evening Gang!

This Summer SOLA will turn 5 years old!!! That's right, June 11, 2017 will mark SOLA's 5th anniversary and we wanted to do something extra special to celebrate this year. The title hints at the idea that we are wanting to flesh out. We are wanting to have a week of competitive challenges for SOLA members to participate in. Like in the regular Olympics we are wanting to have different categories of competition. For instance we could have FPS, RTS, Racing...etc etc. So as of right now this is just an idea that we are wanting YOUR input for. What type of competitive game would you like to face other SOLA members in? Here are our requirements for the games and you can list them in this format if you so choose. I will update this post if any changes or additions are made to the requirements.

Game Type: Racing/Sports/RTS...etc
Cost: Free - $10 (We want to keep the price low so that more members have the opportunity to join in on the fun.)
Competition: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3...etc
Rounds/Matches: Best of 3, 5, 7...etc

If we need to form brackets for any of the games that can be done easily enough. We want you to play no matter your skill range! This is all for celebrating this great community we have.

Since the vast majority of our members are PC users we will keep this friendly competition on the PC platform.
Now it's your turn! Tell us what you want to see!

Also, we are wanting to have actual prizes for the winners of the competitions. We can't give any details yet but we are TRYING to secure some of our first ever SOLA merchandise. Can't guarantee anything but that's what were shooting for.

Thanks guys, can't wait to see what you come up with.

PS - We will work out dates, times, and specifics when we get closer to the anniversary, right now we just need game suggestions.

Posted Apr 4, 17 · OP · Last edited Apr 4, 17
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WyldeFyres FFXIV
Nobody else has posted yet, so here's a couple ideas

Hearthstone (
Game Type: Card
Cost: Free
Competition: 1v1
Rounds/Matches: Best of 3, most likely.

Game Type: 2D Fighting
Cost: $10 on steam (G2A keys usually far cheaper, <$2, if you're into that)
Competition: 1v1
Rounds/Matches: Has a lobby system and built in tournament mode for ease of use.

League of Legends/Heroes of the Storm/Dota 2
Game Type: MOBA
Cost: Free
Competition: 5v5
Rounds/Matches: Would require a team bracket
I'm less sure on this one because it would only work if there was a lot of interest in a specific moba already, due to the learning curve being so steep.

If I can think of others I will add them.

EDIT: I know quite a few people on the discord own overwatch, it doesn't meet the free-$10 requirement, but if enough people have it, it might be possible to have some fun with that. For example: 1v1 elimination (best of 9 mirror matches), 3v3 elimination, etc.
Posted Apr 11, 17 · Last edited Apr 14, 17
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