Today I recieved this awesome e-mail from Frank Turek of Cross Examined Ministries:

Here is a tiny snippet:
Seed the conversation: Here are some common objections to Christianity they might bring up, with possible responses you might make to seed the conversation (after you ask them the tactical questions above):

  • Hypocrites: True, but the church is a hospital for sinners. If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need a Savior.
  • Exclusive: Do you think God should force people into Heaven against their will?
  • Atheism: I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.
  • Science: Science doesn’t say anything: scientists do.
  • Miracles: Even atheists admit the universe began to exist out of nothing.Since there’s evidence for the greatest miracle in the Bible (Genesis 1:1), then every other miracle is a least possible.
  • Conspiracy: What motive did the Jewish New Testament writers have to make up a new religion? They already thought they were God’s chosen people, and they were persecuted for saying the Resurrection occurred?
  • Errors in the Bible:Where?Even if you’re right, does that mean Jesus didn’t rise from the dead? Christianity originated not with a book but with an event—the Resurrection.Why would Jews write the New Testament documents if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead?
  • Evil: What do you mean by evil? It can only exist if Good exists, which means if evil exists then God exists.
  • They have multiple objections and aren't listening to your answers: If Christianity were true, would you become a

For the full thing, go here:

and check out his YouTube by going here:
His debates with the late Christopher Hitchens are classic.

God Bless and a very Merry Christmas to you all.