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Back from the dead :)

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I was just cruising through the internet and ran across SOLA :). Wow and I even managed to recover my old account :). Anyway I used to run stuff with Tarsis and Dosmas on GW2.

I'm personally kinda gearing up for Pantheon as I've had kind of a large gaming break over the last few years but am ready to be back. Maybe I'll look you guys up on a game or two in the meantime :).

God Bless
Posted Jan 13, 19 · OP
Careful, dropping names... I am not crazy active as I play games that a lot don't. I thought I saw Tarsis was back after his long break.

I'm pretty much just playing:
7 Days to Die - I pay for a server for the guild but my son and I are the mainly active ones on it.
League of Legends

with a sprinkling of D3
Founder of SOLA
Posted Feb 27, 19
DUDE thats AWSOME! I remember that match too because I do remember that epic waterfall defense, I thought for sure we were losing but then BAM!

Welcome back!!!!

I took a long break as well....

And for some reason I do remember Jake saying he was having password issues too.

To be honest I didnt recognize your name on the forums so I was not sure who you were but WOW man, so glad you came back!

How have you been doing?
Posted Feb 27, 19 · Last edited Feb 27, 19