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SOLA  -  Family Friendly guild. We are casually hardcore and love to chat in discord. Chr...
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The SOLA was established by a group of online friends to provide an environment where gamers can enjoy any online multi-player game and to develop a community of acceptance and encouragement. SOLA was founded with Judeo-Christian teachings and a Biblical world-view in mind. As such we strive to show respect to everyone including our enemies. Our goal is to be known in the game word as friendly and helpful members of any gaming community. We will do this by holding ourselves to a high standard of respect and maintaining the honor of the SOLA. By doing this we will provide a family friendly environment for gamers and a place to enjoy the game in a community of friendly individuals.

The founding members of SOLA receive their authority from Christ, and the Bible is used for much of our guidance and structure. While SOLA was founded by Christians, it is not required for membership.